What is this picture?

Below is an ultrasound of a ladies little toe.

Many people think that an X-ray is needed to show a break in the bone but this isn’t the case. The picture below is proof. It shows there is a break and that it hasn’t healed.

Sometimes just knowing what has happened is all that is needed to ease a patient’s worry. Which was all that was needed for this patient!

The break is the sharp spike halfway along the phalanx (phalanx is the toe bone). The arrow marks the spot.

ultrasound of a broken toe

The foot is a hugely complicated design, with the intricate bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons that not only make up the foot and ankle but also the lower limb. It’s the intricacies of the structure of ‘the foot’, that is the reason why I have two degrees on ‘the foot’ both a BSc and an MSc solely focussed on the foot with 12 years experience of doing nothing else that ‘feet’.

During this time I have realised I cannot do my job without imaging and the use of both ultrasound and X-Ray. These in combination with a clinical examination make for a thorough clinical assessment.

If you would like further information about having an ultrasound scan for a break, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts on 01444 453874 or on our contact page!

Jonathan Collins Specialist Podiatrist