If you need help with toe nail problems, hard skin, corns, verrucae and skin conditions, our chiropodists can help.


The Chiropodists at the Sussex Foot Centre, Haywards Heath, treat a whole host of chiropody conditions including, corns, callus, fungal nails and verrucae, with great results in providing long term relief. We take great pride in our ability to treat ingrowing toe nails, both conservatively and also permanently, with painless nail surgery to remove the affected nail carried out under local anaesthesia.


Chiropody treatment at the Sussex Foot Centre can also be carried out if you are unable to bend down to care for your toe nails, if you have trouble seeing, or if you have other medical conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral vascular disease, osteoarthritis and other systemic conditions.


Chiropody is also offered for people who would like to treat themselves to a pampering session or treat a loved one. We look after all our patients just the same and it doesn’t matter how complex or simple you think your problem might be; you get our undivided attention during your appointment.


Other Chiropody conditions treated at the Sussex Foot Centre include;


  • Fungal nails and skin infections; including psoriasis, eczema and athletes foot

  • Thick and discoloured or painful nails

  • Corns and callus

  • Hard and soft corns, including lesions on tops of toes as a result of hammer/ claw toes

  • Verrucae and warts

  • Dry cracked heels, including fissures


You can read our blog post relating to chiropody foot treatments here.


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