When it comes to Plantar Fasciitis, no two people are the same…

Heel pain is a complex but common problem seen in the clinic every day. Although there are multiple conditions that can effect the heel the most common is plantar fasciitis. The condition doesn’t discriminate between age, gender or activity levels and can be debilitating as a result.

The traditional thought process was that plantar fasciitis was an inflammatory one, however, now the consensus is that it’s caused by progressive, repetitive micro-tears and therefore degeneration as a result of overload.  

Before any treatment options take place we suggest carrying out an ultrasound scan to ascertain just what exactly is taking place in the heel. Treatment options are separated out into either conservative with the use of orthotics to redistribute pressure or when that has failed, with cortisone. Cortisone can be considered if the pain lasts for greater than 4 weeks and the pain has not been reduced by orthotics.

Cortisone injections have a bad name as they can cause pain, however, at Sussex Foot Centre we anaesthetise the foot, which makes the whole process far more comfortable. Many websites will describe stretching, rolling a cold water bottle under the arch, ice and ibuprofen gel, however, we don’t find these treatments to be effective.

Case Study

Patient A is a 52-year-old female who works in a fast-paced stock room so is continually on her feet. She began feeling pain in the heel of her right foot in December 2017 but put it down to muscle soreness from walking.

The pain continued as she tried treating it with recommended exercises and sports massage. So it was time for a visit to Sussex Foot Centre! An ultrasound scan showed the extent of Patient A’s chronic Plantar Fasciitis.

To begin treatment, we made a custom insole which she wore for a gradually increasing time each day. Fast forward to August 2018, after finding the insoles weren’t working for her, we discussed the option of a Cortisone Injection.

What does a Cortisone Injection involve?

Here’s what Patient A had to say about her treatment…

“After visiting Jon for treatment on my painful heal he gave me shoe inserts which helped with the pain when walking. Because my injury was chronic I eventually had to have a steroid injection which Jon administered. He was very professional and I have been pain-free since then, there is no guarantee how long this will last but I still wear the inserts to help with the positioning of my foot.  From being in pain every day I forgot how it felt to walk without pain. Why wait months for treatments with the NHS when you can be treated at the Sussex Foot Centre, I highly recommend!”

If you’re suffering from chronic heel pain, get in touch with our expert podiatrists. There could be a wide range of reasons you’re experiencing this pain and we will dedicate ourselves to pinpointing a cause and tailor make a treatment to suit you and your individual needs.

Jonathan Collins Specialist Podiatrist