Laser Fungal Nail Treatment in Surrey

We are a specialist provider of patient centred chiropodist and podiatrist services for a wide range of foot care and foot pain treatments, operating in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. Our practice is one of the very few podiatrists in the South East to offer Lunula Laser Treatment for fungal nail conditions, which is one of our main areas of expertise.

Toe Nail Surgery

What causes toenail infections?

A fungal infection of the toenails, also known as onychomycosis, is a common medical condition that affects the condition of the nail and its visual appearance. It is estimated to affect around 10% of the adult population. Fungal nails can be painful as well as unsightly and have a detrimental effect on your confidence.

The main symptoms of onychomycosis include:

    • Nail thickening, distortion or separation
    • Crumbly or brittle nail with no lustre or shine
    • White, yellow, orange, brown, green or black discoloration of the nail
    • Build-up of debris under the nail
    • Persistent Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), a fungal skin infection affecting the toes

Nail fungus often occurs after the toenails have become damaged in some way, such as from shoes that are too tight. Smoking and medical conditions such as diabetes, eczema, psoriasis and weakened immune conditions are additional risk factors. The hot, sweaty environment inside the shoe offers the ideal conditions for the infection to thrive, slowly attacking the toenail. Left untreated, the infection will make the nail brittle, painful and unsightly.

If you are suffering from onychomycosis, extra care must be taken not to share washing facilities, nail files or clippers with other persons. Nail fungus is very contagious and can spread easily, which can make it very difficult to manage.

Patients are amazed that the procedure is truly pain free and our photographic results and feedback from patients show a very high level of efficacy. 

Martine Abrahams

BSc (Hons) Podiatrym MChs, The London Nail Laser Clinic

How does laser treatment work? 

Laser treatment for fungal nail infection has a high success rate and is able to achieve a range of long-term benefits that our patients simply love. These include:

  • Feet that look and feel healthy and comfortable
  • Comfortable toes that are no longer thick and crumbly inside socks and shoes
  • No more embarrassment when wearing open-toed sandals
  • Increased self confidence
  • No danger of infecting friends and relatives


Lunular laser treatment is an unattended, pain-free series of procedures that is 100% safe. Compared to other laser treatments for toenail fungus, our Lunula laser is the only pain-free, non-thermal laser option that has no dangerous vapours and requires no anaesthesia to carry out. For patients who have tried other treatment for onychomycosis including oils, lotions, sprays or oral medication with no lasting result, we highly recommend Lunula laser treatment.

The Laser Process


Initial Consultation

Your first appointment will be an initial consultation and general assessment of your foot and nails. We will discuss your nail condition, medical history and any lifestyle factors that may be relevant to your nail fungus. We will take photographs of the affected nails and look at the causative factors and sources of fungus and consider the duration of the infection and extent of the damage caused by the fungus, trauma or footwear.

You will also receive chiropody care including a debridement of the fungal nails, along with advice on how to minimise cross infection or reinfection.

Contact us to book your Initial Consultation for Lunula Laser for £50.

Laser Treatments

At the end of this comprehensive consultation, we will discuss all available treatment options and decide together if Lunar Laser Treatment is the best choice for your needs. If you choose to go ahead with the treatment, we will book you in for your first laser session.

Your Lunula Treatment Package consists of 5 weekly sessions, with each laser session lasting 12 minutes per foot.

Post Treatment Review & Results

At the end of your 5th appointment, your nails will be cut and filed, and photographs taken to assess the progress that has been made over the 5 week course of the treatment.

4 weeks after your last Lunula Laser appointment, we will schedule another progress review, which can be either in person or via emailed photographs, whichever is more convenient for you.

Please be aware that nails grow very slowly at an average rate of 0.5-1mm per month. While we would expect to see some visible improvement at the end of the 5-week treatment plan, it will take several months for the healthy nail to grow in place of damaged fungal nails. It will take a minimum of 12-18 months for the nail to grow out in full.


Why Choose Sussex Foot Centre?

At Sussex Foot Centre, our mission is to get your feet and lower limbs into the best possible condition. We treat a wide range of people of all ages including children, sports enthusiasts, dancers and professional sportsmen and women.

We are proud to have built up an excellent reputation as a family run practice with many years’ experience providing an exceptional standard of care and positive patient experience. From routine footcare to minor surgery, biomechanical assessments and laser nail treatments, our expert team is dedicated to making you comfortable, pain-free and able to enjoy life to the full.

Based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, we are conveniently located for patients in Surrey and anywhere in the South East. We offer flexible appointment times to suit your needs and our clinic opening times include some evening and Saturday appointments too. There is free car parking on site. For patients with mobility issues, we can arrange home visits or care home visits.

For enquiries about our Lunular Laser Treatment for fungal nails, or any of our other foot health services, please contact our friendly team at 01444 453874 or or send us a short message here.


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Great, friendly service. Would happily recommend.
I was in so much pain with my right foot because I got a cyst in it and just found Sussex Foot Centre in google and called them for booking appointment. The person I talked with was so helpful and they offered appointment on the same day. Everybody working at this place were so friendly and experienced. At my first appointment I had a consultation with ultrasound scan and clearly described me the next steps what would solve my problem and it really reassured me because I was so scared and tired from the pain and for long waiting time on GP referrals. For the treatment, I got an appointment on next day (again so fast!!) and already when I came out from the Centre could walk much better and the pain disappeared. I am so grateful for them and still going back for regular checking and advices. I also having issues with my nails too and I am sure I could get a quick solution on those issue too! Everybody having issue with their foot please don't hesitate to get in touch with Sussex Foot Centre - just give a try and I am sure you will don't disappoint! For me honestly was a life-saver. Thank you so much!
Tundi Bodi
Tundi Bodi
Highly recommended due to efficient, spotless, courteous staff with on time treatment. You could take a good step forward by using this team.
Brian Beesley
Brian Beesley
Excellent podiatrist- knowledgeable, professional, caring and quick. Thanks!
Murdo Guy
Murdo Guy
I can't thank this gentlemen enough. Pain in my foot had effected my whole life, no running, no water aerobics no tai chi and most of all no work as I'm a cook. Scan first visit, problem located plan worked out, return week later double appointment as we live hour away. Another scan, walk on treadmil, insole made...meanwhile he explained everything, so I could understand. I. Very impressed with the whole experience, and would recommend them to anyone
lyn murphy
lyn murphy
I have had toe nail surgeries with the Sussex Foot Centre and both times have had very positive experiences. Jon provided excellent treatment and care during the surgeries and in the follow up post surgeries. Jon and Thomas were professional and friendly and they have been so flexible and accommodating with scheduling appointments, as well as providing quick responses by email and telephone. I would recommend the Sussex Foot Centre. Thank you so much!
Josephine Zamat
Josephine Zamat
Jon Collins and team provide excellent patient focused, customer focused care. I have not met a better podiatrist than Jon in over 30 years in healthcare management and 10 years as a patient. As you step into reception you are welcomed with both smile and greeting. Even though it is a busy practice, changes in appointment are politely and readily managed. Forgetfulness and a missed appointment are taken in their stride! I attended first as an ”emergency” patient, three years ago. I was at the local hospital and the Sussex Foot Centre was suggested. I was seen the same afternoon. After months of hobbling, Jon treated my foot with professional skill, exuding warm reassurance. Regular attendance and treatment ensured rapid improvement. The specially created insole proved to be a boon. I have remained with Jon as my podiatrist for three years now. I can think of no reason why I should go elsewhere. I have no hesitancy in recommendinng him. When my GP asked me why I go over to Haywards Heath, my reply was that he is the best.
Malcolm Boyland
Malcolm Boyland
The treatment and service from Sussex Foot Clinic was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Over the counter and home remedies had failed miserably. Investing in some professional treatment and following it through diligently was well worth it. Thank you Jon.
E M Drake
E M Drake
I found The Sussex Foot Centre via Google and what a find! I started seeing Jon last summer with painful Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. With Jon’s knowledge, non invasive treatment and orthotics, I am so grateful to him for my pain free feet now! Jon and his team are so helpful, with total professionalism and extensive knowledge - I have learnt so much! Tom on reception is also so very friendly and efficient. Keep up the amazing work you all do.
Lisa Bailey
Lisa Bailey
A first class service. A friendly, highly professional medical approach . I have had effective, pain-free treatment for my footcare. Highly commended.
Ollie Swan
Ollie Swan