Laser Fungal Nail Treatment in Kent

The team at the Sussex Foot Centre provides patient-centred podiatry and chiropody services for a large variety of foot care and foot pain treatments, serving patients in Sussex, Kent, London, Surrey and Hampshire.

We are one of very few specialist podiatrists in the South East to offer Lunula Laser Treatment for fungal nail conditions, and this is one of our core areas of expertise.


What are the causes of toenail infection?

A fungal toenail infection, also known as onychomycosis, is a common medical condition affecting the condition of the toenail and its visual appearance. Around 10% of adults are estimated to be suffering with this condition. Fungal nails can be painful and their unsightly appearance can have a negative effect on your confidence.

Common symptoms of fungal toenail infection include:

  • Nail thickening, distortion or separation
  • Crumbly or brittle nail with no lustre or shine
  • White, yellow, orange, brown, green or black nail discoloration
  • Build-up of debris under the nail
  • Persistent Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), a fungal skin infection affecting the toes

Onychomycosis often develops as a result of toenails becoming damaged, for instance from shoes that are too tight fitting. There are additional risk factors including smoking and medical conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes and weakened immunity.

Inside the shoe, the warm and sweaty environment creates the ideal conditions for an infection to develop and grow, eventually attacking the toenail. Unless the condition is treated by a specialist podiatrist or chiropodist, the fungus will damage the nail, making it brittle, unsightly and painful.

Nail fungus sufferers must make sure not to share nail files, nail clippers or washing facilities with anyone else, since the infection is highly contagious and can spread easily within the household, which can make it difficult to contain.

Patients are amazed that the procedure is truly pain free and our photographic results and feedback from patients show a very high level of efficacy. 

Martine Abrahams

BSc (Hons) Podiatry MChS, The London Nail Laser Clinic

How does laser treatment for fungal nails work? 

Laser treatment for fungal nails has shown a high success rate in effectively treating the infection, and can deliver many long-term benefits that our patients love. These include:

  • Healthy, attractive looking feet
  • Comfortable toes of normal thickness, texture and colour inside socks and shoes
  • No more embarrassment when wearing open-toed sandals
  • Increased foot confidence
  • No danger of spreading the infection to friends and relatives

    Here’s a short video to show you how it works:


      At the Sussex Foot Centre, we specialise in Lunula laser technology to treat fungal toenail infections. This new, advanced technology provides a risk-free, pain-free and highly effective method to treat nail fungus. In comparison to conventions, thermal laser therapy that destroys not only the fungal spores but also the surrounding healthy tissue, non-thermal (cold) Lunula laser therapy promotes the healing of damaged cells, encouraging fast nail growth while breaking down the bothersome fungus on nails and skin. It is the only non-thermal laser option that emits no dangerous vapours and requires no anaesthesia to carry out.

      Lunular laser treatment is an unattended, pain-free series of procedures that is 100% safe. When compared to other available laser treatments for onychomycosis, Lunula laser is the only pain-free non-thermal laser option with no harmful vapours and requiring no anaesthesia. If you’ve tried other fungal nail treatments such as oils, lotions and sprays or oral medication with no long-term results, we would highly recommend Lunula laser treatment.

      The Laser Process


      Initial Consultation

      Your first appointment will consist of an in-depth consultation and overall assessment of your foot and nails. This will include a discussion of your nail condition and medical history including any lifestyle factors that may be relevant to your fungal infection. We will also take pictures of the affected nails, and look at the sources and causative factors of your onychomycosis as well as the duration of the infection and the extent of any damage caused by the fungus, trauma or footwear.

      During your first appointment, we will also administer chiropody care and a debridement of the fungal nails. You will also receive professional advice on what (not) to do to minimise reinfection or cross-infection.

      Contact us to make a booking for your Initial Consultation for Lunula Laser for £50.

      Laser Treatments

      At the end of your initial consultation, we will talk you through all the available treatment options and decide together whether Lunula Laser Treatment is the right choice for your needs. If you are happy to proceed with the treatment, we can book you in for your first laser treatment session.

      Our Lunula Treatment Package consists of 5 weekly sessions. Each individual laser session takes 12 minutes per foot.

      Post Treatment Review & Results

      When you have completed your 5th laser session, we will cut and file your nails and take photos to enable us to assess the progress made over the course of the 5-week treatment plan.

      In addition, we will schedule another progress review meeting for 4 weeks after your last Lunula Laser appointment. This can either be in person or via emailed photographs, whichever is more convenient for you.

      Please remember that nails grow very slowly (about 0.5-1mm per month). While we would expect to see some visible improvement at the end of the 5-week treatment, it will take several months for the healthy nail to grow to replace the damaged fungal nail. It will take at least 12-18 months for the nail to grow out fully.

      Why Choose Sussex Foot Centre?

      We are a specialist provider of chiropody and podiatry services for a wide range of foot conditions, and we’ve made it our business to get your feet and lower limbs into the best condition possible. Our clientele comprises people of all ages including children, dancers, sports enthusiasts and professional athletes.


      Over many years, we have developed an excellent reputation as a family run practice, delivering an exceptional standard of care and a positive patient experience. From routine footcare to minor surgerybiomechanical assessments and laser nail treatments, our expert team specialises in making you feel comfortable, pain-free and able to enjoy life.

      From our clinic in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, we are conveniently located for patients in Kent and anywhere in the South East. Flexible appointment times are available including some evening and Saturday appointments, and there is free on-site car parking. We are also able to arrange home visits or care home visits for patients with mobility or other medical issues.

      Please contact our friendly team on 01444 453874 or or send us a short message here to enquire about our Lunula Laser Treatment for fungal nails or any of our foot health services.

      Jon Collins

      Jon Collins

      Specialist Podiatrist

      Written by Jon Collins (MSc, BSc)

      Jon Collins is a highly skilled podiatrist with over 10 years of clinical experience.

      Having worked as a practitioner in the NHS and a variety of private practices, Jon has developed a wealth of knowledge in the study, diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle disorders. Over the years, Jon has refined his diagnostic examination techniques and capabilities and has invested in the most up-to-date ultrasound equipment to give clients the best possible treatment. 

      Click here to find out more about the specialist team here at Sussex Foot Centre.


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      We are trusted by our clients

      Amy's been extremely helpful, informative and lovely to talk to during my foot appointment the last few visits. 100% recommend their services.
      Darryl Rebbetts
      Darryl Rebbetts
      Have had scan and chiropodist treatments and both were carried out with care and I was informed what would be done. I would highly recommend the Sussex foot centre for treatments.
      Sheila Stobbs
      Sheila Stobbs
      I was misdiagnosed by my GP after injuring myself long distance walking. Now I not only know what's wrong with me, but also how to remedy it so I can walk again. Great attention to detail. Thank you 😊
      Liz Platt
      Liz Platt
      Fantastic experience with the whole practice, there’s no where I’d trust more. Originally I went to have one issue sorted out, and have found another to be dealt with alongside. A practice where you feel listened to and taken seriously. Thanks again!
      Nikki Martin
      Nikki Martin
      Had an appointment with Jon Collins about a sore heel. Had a scan on both heels, which was followed by a detailed analysis of the results and an explanation (in layman's terms) what the issue was. Very impressed with his knowledge, how it was imparted and happy with our agreed action plan.
      Jonathan Whitnall
      Jonathan Whitnall
      Over the last 4 years or so, I have visited a number of professionals including physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. I was experiencing recurring injuries in my left knee and hip from sports and from attempting to walk mid-distances. The pain was starting to flare in my back too. I was following the physiotherapists’ advice religiously and attending appointments regularly. However, the programme of exercises tended to make the pain worse rather than better. To add to my frustration, I was also misdiagnosed with a hip condition. In the back of my mind, I always felt there was something biomechanically incorrect in the way I move but I was reassured that was not the case until…..I booked an appointment with Jon at Sussex Foot Centre for a gait assessment. Jon quickly recognised the issue with my feet and their incorrect positioning. I was prescribed custom orthotics and after a few months of perfecting these, Jon then created my semi-permanent pair of orthotics. I have been walking further than I have done and am now back on the courts playing tennis, which I love, and never thought I would be able to do again. The whole team at Sussex Foot Centre are very helpful and efficient. My treatment is ongoing so as long as Jon is a podiatrist, I am his patient :) Thank you for everything!
      Katherine Morley
      Katherine Morley
      I had nail surgery last October and after all this time I can say it was worth it. Jon didn’t rush me into it and gave me all options available, in the end I decided to go for the surgery and Jon made it so easy and everything was explained to me before, during and afterwards. Any questions I had were always answered by Jon or one of his team and put my mind at rest (I’m a bit of a worrier). Can’t thank them enough for helping with something that I had tried to ignore for years.
      Gavin Robertson
      Gavin Robertson
      I highly recommend Sussex foot centre. I booked an appointment for the shoe insoles and Jon was very helpful and professional. He provided a great solution for me and I feel much better since I wear my new insoles. The entire team is also very nice and helpful with booking the appointments around my work schedule.
      Michał Piotrowski
      Michał Piotrowski
      After the NHS screwed up my ingrown toenail operation twice this year I decided to go private and it was the best decision. I was seen really quickly and toes healed within a couple of weeks, highly recommend sussex foot centre.
      Lauryn Spink
      Lauryn Spink