Ever since this crisis began, we at the Sussex Foot Centre have taken all measures necessary. We have done this to protect the health and wellbeing of both our patients and ourselves also.

Our decision to remain open has been continually assessed in light of advice from the Government and the College of Podiatry. As of today, 25th March, the Government has stated that Podiatry and Chiropody clinics can remain open.

The release states that exceptions to the closure of businesses and premises are: Medical services (such as Dental Surgeries, Opticians, and Chiropody and Podiatry Clinics). 

Our decision to remain open has also been taken with the assurance and the confidence that we can provide a sterile and hygienic setting for our patients.

We understand just how much our patients rely on us, as many present with a host of complex needs. Because of this, we are determined to continue treating those at high risk of foot infection. We will also treat those who require emergency appointments. We will also be providing any online and telephone advice.

By doing this, we are thus providing crucial preventative care, which will ultimately keep our most vulnerable patients out of hospital and away from harm.