It’s that time of the school year again…

In recent years we have seen more and more people being ‘foot aware’, not only the aging population but in children as young as 20 months!

A lovely little boy who sadly has ingrown nails that we are managing
with chiropody inspired this blog post.

Choosing shoes for your children for the new school year is an important task. Not only are well-fitting schools shoes comfortable, but they will also prevent injury, pain, and foot health issues later in life.

3 signs of ill-fitting school shoes…

  1. Irritation– Look for areas of rashes and redness, particularly on the toes. This could indicate ventilation issues within the shoe. If the foot can’t breathe properly because the shoe is too tight it can become sweaty, leading to possible infection.
  2. Nails – Any inflammation around the nail bed could suggest infection, most probably caused by an ingrowing toenail.
  3. Posture – If the feet appear to be excessively turned in or out or very flat, it’s likely the shoes being worn aren’t offering enough support.

At Sussex Foot Centre, we can treat ingrown toenails, flat feet, and many other common foot health issues. But, why not prevent these issues by ensuring your child has well-fitting shoes?

If you require any further information about our treatments or tips for kids footcare, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Jonathan Collins Specialist Podiatrist