Electrocautery Verruca Surgery

Over the last 10 years a form of Electrosurgery called electrodesiccation has been used in Chiropody/ Podiatry to treat long-standing corns and verrucae with good results.

Electrodesiccation is completely painless; this is achieved by an injection of local anaesthetic which is given before treatment begins.

The probe is held against the corn or the verrucae. The energy from the radio waves causes evaporation of the cell contents; this forms a hard plaque which is then removed with a scalpel. This technique enables the corn to be removed a lot deeper than usual. More often than not the corn, and more so the verrucae, can be removed permanently.

The Procedure

On the day of the procedure you should eat and drink as normal. You will be awake for this procedure, which involves the administration of local anaesthetic injection adjacent to the nerves supplying the area to be treated. The radiolase is then used to remove the infected tissue. Antiseptic dressings are applied and a pressure-relieving pad applied (if the area is weight bearing). You should ALWAYS arrange for transport as it will not be safe for you to drive directly after this procedure.

The appointment time required for this treatment is one hour, to one and a half hours. It is advisable to rest the foot for the remainder of the day of the procedure and the following day as much as possible, however most patients are able to return to work after 24 hours. A follow up appointment 1-2 days later is required for the wound to be redressed. The wound must be kept covered and remain dry for 1 week.

There is some post-operative discomfort, which is usually relieved with ibuprofen. The wound is usually dry with a scab formation within 2 weeks. Healing takes place over the next few weeks, depending on how much rest you are able to take, and provided the wound remains free from infection. The wound normally forms a scab 10-14 days post-op, depending on the size of the wound. You may have to return to your Podiatrist in four to six weeks to have any remaining scab reduced.

The majority of verrucae cases are completely eradicated in one treatment (94%) with the remaining (6%) lesions requiring a second treatment.

Verruca removal

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