Orthotic Re-Covering & Refurbishment

The longevity of orthoses is dependent on the shell material, post material, and the wear; however a good pair of orthotics should last 10+ years.

We charge £12.99 for a simple orthotic re-covering or arch support re-covering.

A top cover and padding running along the full length of the orthotic, whether 3/4 orthotic or full length, is £19.99.

If the posting (the supportive and corrective part underneath the heel of the orthotic) is damaged and needs replacing, the cost is £28.99.

Your existing top cover will always be matched where possible, unless otherwise specified.

How the process works:

  • Orthotics are either posted to us or dropped into the clinic.
  • Return postage is £4.95 for standard delivery and £9.95 for same day turn-around expedited delivery.
  • Fill out the attached form.
  • There is the option to collect at the clinic.

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